Bad Bristly Bugs

I’ve just arrived back from the sunny Borders Book Festival in Melrose where I got to collaborate on another project with lovely children’s author Vivian French and illustrator Anders Frang.

Led by Vivian, children were asked to take inspiration from Harmony Garden and the orchard and think of words, sentences and stories to go with each letter of the alphabet. I then illustrated the children’s words right in front of their very eyes and Anders completed the spreads by applying the typography.

In the days leading up to the event I spent a couple of days in beautiful Harmony Garden where I drew and gathered inspiration for our workshop. The walled garden grows a vast range of flowers, vegetables and other plants and just hanging out and smelling all the flowers was worth it all. Based on my drawings I then made bits which were to be collaged with further work made on the spot, spontaneously and in response to the stories that emerged over the weekend.

Our very hot tent which was located in the orchard turned into a lively space where children were drawing their own garden-themed pictures alongside our work. We didn’t manage to complete the alphabet in the time so might have to return and continue – but for now here are some of my favourite spreads. Thank you to all who came along and inspired us!











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