Algarve drawings

In early January I managed to escape a cold and grey Scotland and fly to Southern Portugal to warm up and do some drawing. Here are some of the discoveries I made during my week in Lagos:

Making use of any drawing opportunity; drawing while waiting at the barber shop in Lagos – I discovered that men can also spend a lot of time at the hairdressers.


During a stroll through Lagos I discovered some turtles in a pond and realised what great drawing animals they make because of their slow movements and overall funny appearance.


Some artefacts I discovered at the Museu municipal in Lagos,


and next door the Golden Chappel with its grand display of gilded wood carvings which cover all of the walls except the first couple of meters from the floor which are covered with blue and white ceramic tiling.


At the Wax Museum where I drew a number of other discoverers,


and nearby some bits of buildings in the centre of town.


And finally, a last drawing on the way back to the airport. During the train ride between Lagos and Faro I recording shapes of houses as they flew by. I’m currently using these as a basis to develop a project based on architectural shapes. Who knows what I’ll be able to discover there…



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