October Drawings

Here are a few pen drawings I made in October. The first one was made on a sunny day out in Cramond, after a visit to Cramond Island to which you can walk over during low tide. We almost got stranded after stretching the safe crossing times a little but luckily managed to get back in time for a good lunch and some people watching. It looks as though everybody is watching TV but it is actually the view of the sea, and passing by people and dogs that caught our neighbours attention.


Enjoying a cup of tea in Falko’s bakery. If you are looking for outstanding layered cake and would like your dog to watch you eating it this is the place to go. This wee place just has the best cakes in town, always freshly prepared in a traditional manner with no nonsense ingredients. I very much recommend the apple strudel with freshly whipped cream!


Finally a few drawings made during a visit to the newly opened GRIMM WORLD in Kassel, Germany. The exhibition presents the world-famous Brothers Grimm in the place where they used to live and collect the children’s and household fairy-tales and began the German dictionary. Here’s a drawing I did of their contemporaries – lots of good hair and glasses.



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