The Danish Break

A couple of weeks ago I spent a couple of weeks in Denmark, where I visited the beautiful cities of Aarhus and Copenhagen and did a few drawings.

The theme of windows has obviously always excited me and I now am discovering a new interest in shop windows in particular. I could forever wonder about the way things are arranged in second hand shop windows, often cluttered to the max, fitting in as much as possible for the public to see. Whether intentional or not, I love the narratives that emerge from these arrangements and the way the outside world gets reflected in the window glass at the same time. Here’s a shop window from Aarhus, I couldn’t help but feel watched as I drew it.Copenhagen1-a

A drawing while sat at the new Aarhus cultural centre, Dokk1, enjoying a cup of tea on a sunny and breezy day, looking down onto the industrial landscape. I loved the vertical elements and how the white chimney seemed to almost vanish in the sky. Copenhagen4-a

An hour’s cycle ride away from Copenhagen, at a pretty seaside town called Dragør. I did this drawing in a restaurant where I also managed to knock over my coke while fiddling about with my pens and sketchbook. Luckily water-proof table cloths cater for both children and messy artists.Copenhagen2-a

In Nørrebro, central Copenhagen, while sat outside a bar opposite to a classic, old-fashioned pub. I’m not sure what it is but I am intrigued by these places. Perhaps it’s the way in which they contrast the modern, alternative lifestyle which dominates the city centre. Copenhagen3-a


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