Oban 2015

It’s Oban time of year again! As part of my role as Illustration tutor at Edinburgh College of Art I organise an annual student trip to ‘The Gateway to the Highlands’, now in its fourth year. The town and the surrounding landscape are ideal for short drawing trips as you can effortlessly explore a great variety of things including a beautiful coastline, woodlands and the islands. The town itself is interesting for being a rather contrasting place, partly idyllic, partly run down.

Our students spent most of the day drawing and collecting objects from the beach and the landscape, regardless of what the weather was doing. In the evenings we all came together and spoke about the day and got excited about each other’s drawings and findings. It was a great trip and I feel everyone was able to get something out of it.

While I usually enjoy a bit of people watching I fully immersed myself into the landscape this time. Here are some of the things that inspired me and that I drew;

Scan 11-aScan 6-aScan 2-a

Scan 3-a

Rock formations on the Island of Kerrera…
Scan 8-a

Scan 10-a

Scan 7-a

The streets of Oban…
Scan 1-aScan-aChicken life in Oban,Scan 9-a

And other experimentations.Scan 4-a


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