Last week’s drawings

Here are a few drawing I did during the last two weeks. To start with, a visit to St. Giles Cathedral where I took students on two occasions during the last week to draw elements of the richly decorated interior. Going to St. Giles always feel a bit like a treasure hunt to me; so many hidden details and whenever I think I’ve seen it all I discover something new. Scan 12 Scan 21-a

A few days ago I cycled to Jupiter Artland where I had never been before. It was its last day open before the winter break so I thought I’d go and have a look. There were some interesting artworks on display but what really grabbed my attention were the pigs and their characterful features. I don’t think I have ever been so fascinated by pigs before. I stood watching these awkward looking animals for a while, overhearing and noting down what people around me were saying about them. I discovered that even ginger pigs get bullied!Scan 11

The following two were done during another drawing trip with our students to the Inverleith allotments, which must be the best kept allotments I have ever seen. Bursting with fruit and vegetables it seemed like paradise to me (I do realise as I write this that my drawings don’t really communicate that).

We were told you had to wait at least 9 years to get a patch there; I wasn’t at all surprised.Scan 13 Scan 16

Friday night, watching old men in a pub (one of my favourite things obviously) and then off to the Jazz Bar to listen to a great blues band called ‘Van Tastik’ play some great music.Scan 15

Scan 14-a

Scan 17-a

A quick drawing I did during a long pose while teaching life drawing on Monday morning, including one reeeally looong left arm. I blame it on being a Monday morning. Scan 20-a

And finally, a collection of faces I drew in my sketchbook during a visit to the Museum of Childhood.Scan 18-a


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