Residency at Uillinn – Week 2

Week 2 of my residency at Uillinn has been very productive. I’ve been lucky with the weather which allowed me to cycle around the area in order to meet people as part of my ‘Trail of Stories’ which I mentioned in my last post. I’m currently in the process of transcribing bits of these conversations, which along with my memories and observational drawings will ultimately feed into the narrative project I am working on.  I am hoping to share elements of these conversations once these are put on paper.

Besides continuing the story trail I have been speaking to many people who came to visit me in my studio and have also given a  talk about my work. On Saturday I ran a workshop where participants were shown how to create papercuts based on observational drawings done of the fantastic views you get from Uillinn. I was very impressed with the results which you can find on the facebook page I dedicated to the project.

In addition to this, I continue to enjoy looking out for large scenes and small details worth drawing and my sketchbooks are filling up quickly. Here are some of the drawings I did around town since my last blog post:

At the Bantry and Skibbereen Farmers’ Markets


Scenes including the backyard of a pub in Castletownsend, the view from my kitchen window and the great views you get from both the Arts Centre and the Rock in Skibbereen

3-a 4-a Untitled-15-a

Observing town life while enjoying a delicious tuna sandwich for lunch at Apple Bettys CafeP1060289

Tralispean Beach, where I arrived after getting terribly lost while trying to cycle to Loch Hyne. It was a lovely surprise nonetheless as this is one of the beaches I used to visit with my family when we lived in the area. I have great memories of the trees growing along the shore and the day I found smelly dead fish on the beach. In my memory the beach was packed with smelly dead fish!


Further along the beach towards Toe Head where I drew the landscape and actually found a wee dead fish lying amongst the stones and seaweed. It didn’t smell at all.
P1060290-a P1060291-a





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