I just came back from a visit to Copenhagen, a beautiful city full of cultural offerings and bikes everywhere which makes it the place to be for a cycle enthusiast like me! Copenhagen is also known to be very trendy and you can see lots of the latest fashion and many hipsters prancing around. I did the drawing below at a place the locals call ‘Pisserinden’, here you can finds lovely cafes and many wee independent shops like these ones that I was looking out onto from the opposite side of the road while having a classic rye bread sandwich for lunch.


In my further investigation into Danish fashion of the present and the past I had a closer look at men’s hair styles at various points of Danish history at the Nationalmuseet; here is a little collection that I have formed in my sketchbook. I also took inspiration from other art and learnt some Danish while strolling through the exhibits. 018a020a021aAnother very interesting feature of Copenhagen is the large amount of water and how it is integrated into the city. Along the canals there are many boats, amongst them many houseboats that are often decorated nicely like the one below with an interesting display of cacti on its rooftop.010a 007a0081a 006a 005aOne day I went to visit the Hans Christian Andersen Museum in the city Odense, a couple of hours away from Copenhagen. I’m not only a big fan of his stories but also of his lesser knows visual artwork. Andersen had a habit of creating small papercuts with a huge pair of scissors while telling his stories. He also put together beautiful books, collaging all sorts of found materials in a rather modernist manner. To be able to see some of his original work was a real pleasure. Here’s a drawing I did of one of the exhibits, including a bust of Andersen himself.004aA  visit to the Botanical Gardens in Copenhagen with a view of the ‘Kaktushus’ from outside,023aan interior scene,022aand finally some beers and Scottish whisky to to round off the Scandinavian experience!009a


4 thoughts on “Copenhagen

  1. Really enjoyed all of your sketches. Made me feel homesick for a moment there, I grew up in Wonderful Copenhagen.

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