Doodling around Town

This week I took my sketchbook to a few different places and enjoyed doing a few quick line drawings in ink.  I often challenge myself to try and get a full scene on to paper but this week I just enjoyed exploring details. Here are this week’s doodles.

Some plants at the Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh; I really liked the movement within the Bergenia leaves and looking at the Rhododendron buds which will soon open. Rhododendrons always reminds me of my childhood in West Cork where we had a lovely tree. The collection is certainly my favourite place within the Garden.



Later in the week I took our first year Illustration students for a drawing trip down the Royal Mile. Our first stop was at the Museum of Childhood, where you can always find something interesting to draw.


Our second stop was at The People’s story museum, just a little further down the street. It’s a place that still has a classic old museum smell and many life size puppets and artefacts telling the story of the ordinary people of Edinburgh from the late 18th century to the present day. It’s a bit creepy and the recorded stories that are played on a loop can make you go nuts if you stay in one room for too long but you will also be able to discover interesting facts about Edinburgh history.



Finally, as part of a project I am running with ECA students we went to see ‘Electric Tales’ at The Stand Comedy club on Wednesday. As you can imagine, a group of 15 people equipped with sketchbooks will be picked on an awful lot! But it was good fun and at the end of the evening our group even won an award for our lovely illustrations. Here are impressions of the comedians on stage.

The Stand-a


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