A bit of paint

At the moment I enjoy investing a lot of time trying out new things and expanding my ways of working through self initiated projects. In the past years I have been focussing very much on paper cutting and the various ways in which papercuts can be used, from large scale installations to digital.

During my Fine Art undergraduate degree in Germany I mainly worked on large scale oil paintings. A lot has happened since then and my work has become much smaller in scale and more illustrative in character but I have recently found myself revisiting elements of my earlier work. I feel that I’m about to discover something new; I don’t know where it will take me and maybe that is the very reason why I enjoy playing around so much.

Below you can see some of my recent experiments with gouache, inks and crayon on paper; the motives are based on observational drawings from my sketchbooks.

Scan 2a

Scan 3a




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