Madeira Trip

I just came back from a week long trip to Madeira, an island of outstanding natural beauty. I didn’t bring much and in fact half of my 5 kilos of luggage consisted of drawing material.  I spent most of my time walking around the island and drawing but I felt that one week wasn’t enough time to explore so I will certainly be back for more. Most of all, I was taken by the landscape. Through the sub-tropical climate, the island has a remarkable variety of vegetation, fruit and flowers, even in February. Here is a selection of impressions from my sketchbook.

The view onto the steep mountains at Curral das Freiras from a windy balcony while enjoying a well deserved cup of tea.Scan 2-a

Mercado dos Lavradores, the old town Funchal farmers market where lots of exotic fruit and flowers are sold amongst other things. I liked the very bored look on this man’s face. Scan 7-a

The flower selling women wear traditional costume and the stalls are colourfully presented. This was a nice scene where a band turned up and started to play and lots of people gathered to watch.

Scan 6-a

Men having a quick espresso at the Mercado dos Lavradores Scan 5-a

Ancient Olive trees growing at the Monte Palace Tropical Gardens Scan 10-a

Good facial expressions at the exhibition of Zimbabwean sculpture at the Monte Palace Tropical GardensScan 12-a

Walking along a levada, with many cacti growing all around Scan 9-a

Lunching at the beach in Funchal. It looks nice and calm but a few minutes after I drew the scene a huge wave came crashing in and chased everyone away.

Scan 4-a

And finally, pieces from the Casa-Museu Frederico Freitas in Funchal, I think I might be developing an interest in peculiar pottery.Scan 112a


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