Folio Society Competition

A couple of weeks ago I was working away on something in the studio when my lovely studio pal and fellow illustrator Hannah Botma reminded me of this year’s House of Illustration/Folio Society competition for which Illustrators were asked to create one binding design and 3 internal pieces for the ‘Folio Collection of Ghost Stories’. Of course I was aware of this competition as it is a big thing for illustrators. It had been announced in autumn last year but I had been too distracted by other work to give it a real thought. I took a glance at the short stories and felt they were my cup of tea. Now there were just 4 days to go. I made an instant decision to give it a shot although it seemed a little unrealistic to finish it all within the short time. But I felt it would be the right thing to get me started for the new year and after all some pressure was what I needed!

I managed to submit everything only half an hour before the deadline on Monday morning after having worked all night, and then fell into a deep sleep. Not being happy with the full series I decided to only share the two designs I am satisfied with in this post and to keep working on the remaining two inspite of the competition being over. If you stick around you’ll hopefully get to see them soon.

Competitions are exciting as they give you a deadline to work to and you get to see many other artists responses to the same brief. I have little hope that my work will be considered but I feel delighted to have discovered a new way of working. My interests in painting and papercutting/collage have come together a little more and I am excited about exploring the possibilities in more depth.

Layout 1

 Binding design for ‘The Folio Collection of Ghost Stories’

A tale of an empty house-a

Illustration for ‘A Tale of an Empty House’ by E.F. BensonThe Abbot version2-a

The Treasure of Abbott Thomas by M.R. James (competed after competition deadline)


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