Last month’s drawings

Here are a few studies I did at various locations during the last few weeks. The first three were made in Edinburgh and the last three were made during my recent visit to London, where I went to see the National Portrait Gallery and checked out a great blues bar called ‘Ain’t Nothin’ But’. There was a 3 piece band called ‘Big Joe Louis and his Blues Kings’ playing. They were great in every way and needed to go straight into the sketchbook, a couple of beers helped to complete the drawing! The last drawing was made in a London pub where my friend works. Not sure if she would recognise the place from the drawing though, I did pick things from all around the place and assembled them in a new composition in the sketchbook. Oh, and the bit with the lady in the front was drawn on the train where she was peering down at me from a poster on a journey back from Brighton. As you see, quite a potpourriĀ of things and places!

Scan 2a


Scan 1a



The Selkirk-a


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