A weekend in Oban

Just got back from another lovely trip to Oban, the ‘Gateway to the Highlands’, to which I organised a drawing trip for 28 Edinburgh College of Art students from Illustration, Animation and Graphic Design. During the 4 days endless sketchbook pages filled with all sorts of observations and interpretations. On one day we set over to the Isle of Mull, a beautiful island which I would like to explore a bit more at some point.

As an undergraduate student in Germany I went on a couple of drawing trips myself and they proved to have a lasting impact on my work. Drawing on location has become a really valuable part of what I do and I now enjoy passing this experience on to students; to encourage them to leave their daily routines and technologies behind and to immerse themselves in a new world, documenting and processing their experiences and discoveries through drawing. 

And here are some of my own drawings from this year’s visit to Oban… mostly observational. I only realised afterwards how much I got carried away with using dark ink when in fact it was actually rather bright and sunny in Oban. I guess I could stock up on my ink colours.












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