Windy and Cold Cramond

After my last blog post I felt it would be good if I showed that I don’t only hang out in pubs. Here’s proof that I’ve been out to Cramond and done some drawings in nature and in the cold. My fingers were frozen and unfortunately I managed to spill my flask with hot tea all over my jacket in the very beginning. But it was still all very enjoyable, especially as the Cramond Inn is not only beautiful and very historic but also has a wonderful fireplace to warm up at (drinking hot tea of course). In the first drawing you might be able to make out Cramond Island. When the tide is out you can walk over to the island within 10 minutes. Apparently people sometimes miss the walking back time and get stuck on the island. I don’t think this is anything you want to experience as the island itself has nothing much to offer apart from a few old bunkers and lovely views onto the main land surrounding the Firth of Fourth. And because I would like to show how well educated I am I will end this blog post with a literary fact; Cramond village has more to offer than beautiful pubs nature and an island to walk to; is also where the House of Shaws is located in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Kidnapped. I’m sure the Cramond Inn would be a lovely place to sit down with that very book…




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