After work drawings (basically more work)

I love British pubs. Most of them have very interesting interiors which hold a lot of history as they never seem to get refurbished and I like how these places seem to bring together people from all walks of life. After a long day of work its nice to go to the pub with friends for a couple of drinks. Most people then forget about work, they don’t want to speak or even think about it. After a long day of work as an Illustrator you might find yourself picking up those pens and pencils again and drawing in your sketchbook if something gets a hold of you. Basically there is no such thing as afterwork.

Anyway, last week I did 3 drawings in 2 pubs. The first one was done in the Kenilworth on Rose Street and the other two in the Argyle Bar & Cellar Monkey in Marchmont. For the latter two I used a small piece of bamboo stick which I dipped into ink. I am currently looking at new drawing tools and especially the various ways in which ink can be used. I was happy to find models that were so deep in thought or engaged in conversation they didn’t realise I was drawing them. The other thing I like about drawing in pubs is that people tend to stay a very long time without moving much. This is especially true for older men, which is why my sketchbooks tend to have quite a few of them. Funnily I only just became aware of that fact. Its probably more common for young ladies to be the muses of older men but well, why now turn the concept around?





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