Wigtown Peeps Out complete

So the Wigtown Book Festival is now over and I am slowly settling back into a life after the making of peep boards, which seemed to be completely taking over everything. In my last blog post I explained a bit about the project and my work process. Now I would like to show the final results and to feature some of the charming people who were nice enough to pop their heads through my designs and pose in front of my camera.
As you may know, I have used the technique of papercutting in many different ways to create a range of things in the past. These things included metal artwork, prints and backlit window murals. But this was the first time I created large scale papercuts that were used as stencils in order to apply paint and therefore it all felt like an adventure with an uncertain outcome. I really enjoyed seeing the rather delicate paper designs becoming something more permanent (lots of hard wearing paint was used to withstand the Scottish outdoors). Many layers of paint had to be applied and because I have recently been using a lot of photoshop I had forgotten how laborious these things can be. But I’ve also rediscovered my love for using paint brushes and paint and for creating a mess and therefore I have plans to develop new ways of working. So watch out for exciting things to happen!!
The lovely models featured below from left to right are Peggy Hughes (Director of the Dundee Literary Festival), Hazel Campbell (Painter), Lari Don (Children’s Writer), Fred MacAuley (Comedian), Anupa Gardner (Illustrator), Adrian Turpin (Director of the Wigtown Book Festival), Colin (Digital producer), Paul Stänner (German journalist and writer) and Joyce Cochrane (owner of the Old Bank Bookshop in Wigtown).

Bookshop poster all


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