Lakes and Cakes

A couple of weeks ago I went to visit the Lake District for the first time. I was told it was usually wet there and that I had to pack a lot of waterproof things. I did as I was told and I have to admit I got to use them an awful lot!  Luckily the weather didn’t keep us from going on extended walks across the hills and once we even got stuck in deep snow on a foggy and very windy hilltop. The nice thing about weather like this is that it also gives you plenty of excuses to investigate the many interiors of a place and so there were many visits to the local coffee shops (this is where the cake comes into play) and pubs – but our favourite place had to an interesting pub with a cosy warm fireplace- the Hole in t’Wall in Bowness-on-Windermere. I have to admit that I was looking out for this pub as it was recommended to me by my very talented Illustration colleague Lucy Roscoe who herself has spent many a holiday in the region. The place formerly having been a smithy is as much of a museum now as it is a pub with lots of pots and pans (and bedpans!) hanging from the wooden beams of the ceiling. Where you can’t find any china dangling down there will be stuffed animals instead (and that in the land of Beatrix Potter!). The ideal place for a couple of observational drawings.





I also did a few observational drawings at other locations, some of which I finished off once back in the bed and breakfast. It was only once I was back home that I realised I hadn’t drawn anything which I would class as being characteristic of the Lake District. There were no boats, no hills and more importantly there was no lake to be found within my sketchbook. I guess it just means I will have to go back in the summer and hope for a few dry days!




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