London drawings

Last week I got on a sleeper bus to London with a massive suitcase full of things I was never going to use. I felt that when going to the big city I should be prepared for anything to come my way. Amongst my stuff were not only ONE but THREE empty sketchbooks, just in case – after all I didn’t want to go unprepared!

What I forgot was that I was visiting one of my best friends who I hadn’t seen in ages, being the two chatterboxes that we are, we spent all day and also all night chatting away. So only four drawings were made in London, during a visit to the V&A Museum, an exciting place that I had never been to before and will certainly go back to.

The subjects were found in the Medieval and Renaissance section which has to be one of my favourite. Some of the facial expressions and the postures you find there are just brilliant!

Yes, and guess what one of the things was that my friend said to me during our long chats? That she felt I had unrealistic ideas of what I could fit into a day!







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