An ooh-and-ah of Queenery


With a German background the word Queen has always been something I have associated with Fairy Tales rather than with an actual living person. But, a couple of days ago a fairy tale turned into reality as I was lucky enough to be taken along to the Queen’s Garden Party at Holyrood Palace. I heard someone say that it was a very British experience as we spent a lot of time —queuing— in the rain—for cups of tea— I took along a sketchbook, the smallest I’ve ever had just so that it would fit into my purse. My efforts paid off and I managed to actually get a drawing of the Queen as she appeared at the entrance of the Palace and walked down the stairs. She was wearing a mint green dress and carrying a huge umbrella, as you may or may not be able to see in the drawing below.  What you definitely will recognise are the drops of rain that were splashing on the paper!


gardenparty-aMy friend the poet Rachel Woolf who has often given me valuable advice in all poetry matters gave me this poem on my way to the party. It is a piece which she wrote after she herself  had been to the Garden Party a couple of years ago… so, just to crown off this blog entry…here it is….

Commanded by Her Majesty

A hattery of lady-fair
A dapperness of beaux messieurs
A marchery of archery
A trumpetry of military
A cakery of cups of tea
A crustlessness of cucumber
A blousiness of peony
An ooh-and-ah of Queenery




4 thoughts on “An ooh-and-ah of Queenery

  1. An over-brimming of wide-brimmed millinery
    A décolletage of dripful dampery
    A “Dreadful weather!” chattery
    A “Stunning hat!” flattery
    A wielding of One’s own umbrella
    A dropful splodgery on sketchbook gem

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