Anstruther’s Finest

A couple of weekends ago my illustrator pal Kasia Matyjaszek and myself went on a trip to Anstruther. We were there to visit Jill Calder who had her studio open to the public as part of the Open Studios Festival. Once we had looked at some of Jill’s fab work…..and stolen some of husband’s amazing scones, we were inspired to do some art work ourselves; I drew this rather untypical portrait of Anstruther.


What I probably should have drawn was the masses that had come to town in order to stuff their faces with the towns famous fish n’chips. The sun was out and they were literally sat everywhere with their styrofoam boxes and the perfume of deep fried fish and vinegar wafting around them.

Not wanting to miss out, we decided that the lovely scones were not going to keep us going all day, so to the chippy we went! Whilst in the queue we realised we were in good company as alongside the various trophies of fish and chip shop battles past and present, there where old newspaper clippings on the wall showing that even Royalty hadn’t been able to resist a taste of Anstruther’s most famous produce!

So once I had eaten my share I took myself off to the only empty corner of the beach to draw what I thought was an alternative view of the village, wondering if anybody inside the building was having a chippy as I drew…


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