9aI am aware I have bored you all with endless updates about how my papercut designs for the Rose Street ‘Beachcomber’ project have been  progressing…..but  I can now finally present the final product….reproduced in steel – hot from the laser cutters at Pentland Precision Engineering! The panels are currently being installed bit by bit by the City of Edinburgh Council in the windows of the BT Phone Exchange on Rose Street.

All I can say is that seeing the designs starting a life outside the studio is utterly satisfying. One of the things I particularly like about the installed pieces is that due to their 3D nature they change their appearance with the lighting conditions.

When the sun is out shadows are cast so strongly that it becomes more difficult to read the poetry – but then again it looks very expressive! During the hours of darkness the backlighting comes and the pieces take on a whole new character.

The images below are just quick shots I took myself but I am hoping to get some better photos of the project soon; but of course to see the work in it’s full impact you should come to Rose Street and spend a whole day watching the impact the changing light has on the piece!










And finally ‘Saturday’ in progress!10a


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